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Fall Creators Update Will Enhance Privacy in Windows 10

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Fall Creators Update Will Enhance Privacy in Windows 10

Fall creator Update

Recently Microsoft discloses it will give greater control over Privacy & App permission through Fall creator update in Windows 10 to its user. Which is about to be released on 17 October?

We all know that Microsoft always prefers to give more concern on Windows 10 Privacy and Security features.

Previously you can have control over only location sharing but now it has more control over apps like the Fall Creators Update will ask you to take permission before accessing all kind of Software and hardware features. Like now it will ask the user to use microphone and camera if you have video recording application.

When a user moves to the fall creator update then they will get prompts message for an application installed. You will be able to access your privacy settings to check the review permissions of an existing application.

Now user does not need to be much bothered about malicious apps which are responsible for spamming your contacts list or hijacking the camera application.

Microsoft is not only counting to amend just privacy and overall security. But it also tries to deliver you easier access to privacy information during the initial setup process. Windows 10 users also have a perimeter of two-factor authentication that can require a PIN verification code like an NFC tag. You cannot blame that Microsoft is trying to grab too much, but they will at least discourage common privacy infarcts.

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