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How to Manage Wi-Fi Network Connectivity in Windows 10

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May 15, 2017
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How to Manage Wi-Fi Network Connectivity in Windows 10


As we know, Windows 10 have a number of advanced new features. In this blog, we will discuss how to manage   “Network & Internet” Settings in windows 10 OS. In Settings area, users of windows 10 will find the “Network & Internet” section. Windows 10 settings have much improved compared to previous versions.  Microsoft has divided wired and wireless connections in two different modes (Ethernet and Wi-Fi).

We have to follow some steps during connecting to a wireless network.

Connecting Wi-Fi:

Launch your Settings menu:  You can open your setting menu from Start >> Settings. You will find a series of nine different families.

Click on “Network & Internet” Option:  from the above list. Click on this option and a drop down will open.

Click to Wi-Fi option:  if you find the Wi-Fi option click on it. And if you don’t find “Wi-Fi” option, we advise you to check your troubleshooting section for help.


Connect to network:  a serial of blue squares running down the page. Inside them, Wi-Fi picture shows connection potency. Select the network which you want by single-click on it. You will find a box seem under the chosen network. Here a checkbox says “Connect automatically” right now. Click on it if you want to automatically get connected to this network, whenever you will come in the range of this network. Then tap to “Connect.”

Enter Security Key: If you don’t know security key, obtain it from the network administrator.

Be Sure Device is Discoverable:  You can make your device discoverable to other PCs and with the network you’re connecting. If you have a private network, you should do this for safely. Sometimes, with public networks, this option is not safe. Click to “Yes” or “No” buttons to keep it continue.

Check Network connection: When you connect to a new network, be sure that everything is working properly. And find top listed Wi-Fi network that you have already connected to.

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