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How To Perform The Defrag In Windows 10 – Complete Guide

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How To Perform The Defrag In Windows 10 – Complete Guide

defrag in windows 10

Sometimes users of Windows 10 needs to perform defrag process with their system. Because when your files are fragmented in different places and drives then it carries slowly down your system performance. When you perform Defrag in Windows 10 all file will be placed on a single drive, and it makes easy to read files for your system.

To Perform Defrag in Windows 10 you can Optimize Drives dialog box in two ways:

  • Using Cortana
  • And using File Explorer

Are you the one who wants to perform Defragment in Windows 10?

Optimize Drives Menu To Defrag in Windows 10

Using Cortana

  • First search for “defrag” in Cortana search box. When you type “defrag,” the Defragment and Optimize Drives will come out at the top of the search window.
  • Tap to “Defragment and Optimize Drives “Optimize Drives dialog box will open.

Note: you have to sign in into an Administrator account to Defragment your Drives and run as administrator.

  • You need to highlight drives which you require to defrag. At Optimize Drives window, a box with marked “Status” inside that a table where the rows show the drives of your device. And columns have headings from left to right: “Drive,” “Media type,” “Last run,” or “Current status.

Using File Explorer

  • Tap the Start button and open the file explorer. Tap to File Explorer button, a directory tree will open in the left pane of file explorer. “This PC” directory carries main directory entries as like hard drives or other drives are linked to PC.
  • Tap to drive you to require defragmenting. If a hard drive is not divisional, then there is only system drive C. Another drive will come out if the hard drive is divisional, Tap to start defragmenting. The Drive Tools Manage tab indulge to the ribbon at the top of File Explorer window.
  • Open Optimize Drives dialog box and tap to this Application Tools Manage tab. After that tap to “Optimize” button from the Manage group of the Application Tools Manage tab. And the Optimize Drives dialog box will open in the different window.


How To Perform The Windows 10 defragment

  • Tap to “Analyze” button in Optimize Drives window. This will realize the level of fragmentation of drive. After sometimes, the recent Status column inverse the drive and display you in percent how fragmented drive is. Optimize drive if it is 10% or more fragmented.
  • Tap to “Optimize” button to defragment your drive. It will demand for some time and it’s depending on how long the capacity of hard drive, Current Status column always shows you a real-time report of the progress optimization.
  • Exit menu when you complete it. When defragging in Windows 10 is finished, tap on “Close” button to exit Optimize Drives.

You can perform defrag in Windows 10 using the above guidelines and can increase your system performance. In any situation, you face any problem then call at Window 10 Technical Support Phone Number @ (+1800-861-8436). Expert’s technician will help you by taking your system on a remote control.

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