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How to Use Basic Features of Windows 10 Operating System?

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How to Backup and Restore files in Windows 10
May 9, 2017
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How to Use Basic Features of Windows 10 Operating System?

Windows 10 is the most powerful operating system that Microsoft has ever made; it is used by billions of people. Window 10 operating system is a little complex to use. You have to delve a bit abstruse to customize your experience with window 10, and get upper limit performance and make the most of the characteristics, for instance, the Cortana voice assistant, Edge browser, and multiple desktops.

Here you will find the best support for window 10 which will make you understand basic features of window 10 and will make you able to avoid common errors of this operating system.

Here We Are Defining How To Use Window 10 Features In Proper Way:

Basic Features of Windows 10

Use of Start Menu

Find Apps: Start menu is settled at left bottom corner, which shows all installed apps; most used apps, and latterly closed apps of your system. You can also assure the list of all installed apps.

Make It Large: In the start menu, there is a resize icon which can drop your start menu at full screen.

Pin your favorite apps: In your app list you can push and admit correct apps and choose Pin to start menu.

Directly Shutdown or Logout: Start button carry power button itself, (You can also right-click to Start button and select the right option from the second to last option at the bottom of this setting menu/list.

How to Install Apps:

Window store: window 10 operating system allows a better memory capability. You can download multiple apps in window store. Due to that, you can become more generative.

Use apps: you can open your app in start recent menu and it will automatically go in updating manner.

Use Multiple Apps: You can drag and drop an app to side corner of the screen and can open multiple apps at same time.

How to change App Setting: you can change the setting of an app from menu button and also can search, share and print it.

Allow creating custom desktops. Windows 10 allows you to group your apps on different desktops. All you need to do is open Task view and then add a desktop.

This blog helps you to understand the basic features of window 10 operating system. Still, novice users may face errors with their system. So we advise you to take support from window 10 customer care support number @ (+1800-861-8436) by 24×7.

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