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How To Use Windows 10 Features – Complete Guide For Beginners

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How To Use Windows 10 Features – Complete Guide For Beginners

how to use windows 10

If you are using windows 10 OS; or have upgraded your OS recently, then this the basic requirement for windows user to know the tips and tricks to get started with windows 10. We will target on using Windows 10 with a desktop or laptop version.

If you have a tablet type computer with a touch screen, then the instructions will work differently a little.

How to Work with Windows 10?

Sign in into Windows 10: You have to create a Microsoft account when you use Windows 10 OS. Whenever you turn on your system then firstly you need to sign into Microsoft account. To do this, type your account password into the box and push Enter button.

Navigating desktop: After singing into Microsoft account, you will move to the desktop.  The desktop is the main workstation of your system. From there, you can see and manage your all files, like access the Internet, open applications, and others options can be access.

Open applications: From the start menu you can open your programs on your computer, just like you did with previous versions of Windows OS. Click to Start button at the bottom-left corner, and then click to the desired program you want to open. And if you want to see the entire list of programs then click on all apps in start menu.

windows 10 beginners guide

How to Work with files:  File Explorer is used to managing files and folders. When you want to open File Explorer, click on the File Explorer picture on the taskbar or click to any folder on your system.

Set up One Drive account: Sign in into your Microsoft account on your system and access cloud from File Explorer. Your all files will automatically synchronize and keep to up to date.

Shut down your System: When you want to shut down your system, click on “Start button”, and then select Power picture, the dropdown will open click to “Shut Down”.

Win 10 Technical Support

This blog will help beginners to understand the basic concepts of windows 10 OS. And if you feel that you need a technical assistance, simply call to a toll-free number, Window 10 Technical Support Number @ (+1800-861-8436).  Experts will resolve your query on the spot with the help of the expert technician.

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