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Windows 10 Common Errors and Easy Way To Fix Them

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May 17, 2017
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Windows 10 Common Errors and Easy Way To Fix Them

windows 10 common errors

Windows 10 has improved many features over its previous version, this new version of windows OS has been hailed by windows users. But as know that there is no operating system which is free from glitches. Sometimes the user may face an error with windows 10 OS also, and you feel that it does not provide the smooth interface.

We don’t say that windows 10 are completed calamity. But if users getting the unrecoverable error, the tips defined below will help you or you can use windows 10 help number in order to resolve windows error. Here we have defined some of the common problems with windows 10 and easy ways to fix them.

Windows 10 Common Errors and How To Fix

Wi-Fi Issues:

Wi-FI issues are the most common issue faced by the many users. In some situation, Wi-Fi connection disrupts or it shows too low range due to that users become unable to perform any internet-based task. So, in this situation, disable your Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense feature, and it will become a little easier to connect to Wi-Fi network.

Sound Issues:

Other most common problem with windows 10 is the sound and volume issue, which makes a critical situation if the user wants to listen to songs, watch the movies, or want to perform any other audio video task. To avoid such a situations, change your bit rate settings. To act on this, right-click on the sound icon in the taskbar, then move to Playback Devices. Double-click to the playback device configures to open the Properties window. Tap to Advanced > Default Format and shift bit rate to either 24 bit, 192000 Hz, 44100 Hz or24 bit and then tap on OK.

Battery life:

Battery life usually becomes a problem whenever there’s a new OS update, but it is not like a typical error with windows 10. According to windows tester team, Windows 10 installs and downloads action in the background, effects on system battery life: If you see that your charge level is going too low, updates may be the region.

Fix the firmware or driver with a manufacturer that better optimizes battery life.

As we have discussed here the windows 10 common errors, so if you want to take help of windows 10 customer service number call at @ (+1800-861-8436). A team of experts will help you and resolve your problem instantly.

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