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Windows 10 New Features, Updates & Fall Creators Update Release Date

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Windows 10 New Features, Updates & Fall Creators Update Release Date

windows 10 creator update release date

Windows 10 always keeps updating their features. Like from Creators Update to Fall Creators Update, here we would like to aware you about the windows 10 new most features. As we know that Windows 10 is released in July 2015. After that, the updates continue like Creators Update in 2016 and now the Fall Creators Update will be released on 2017.

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Note: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Expected launch date is September 2017

New updates are free to all systems using Windows 10.

New features of Fall Creators Update:


The reason behind the name as Creators Update once again because it will carries “creative” features.

Story Remix

It’s as like Memories on an iPhone, where it create automatically edited videos from photos and videos. Keep it in mind that you can use Windows Ink if you use a touch screen device, to write anything on video.


The timeline is a ‘Task View’. If a user clicks on “Task View” button a list of all current apps and windows will open which recently you visit, you can also scroll down to check the stuff on that you worked recently day or months ago.

This has the capability to work on Windows 10 because all information is stored at Microsoft Graph. It’s called “intelligent fabric and helps dots to connect between people, projects, conversations, or content within Microsoft Cloud”.

Pick up from where you left:

Continuing with the same theme, Fall Creators Update uses Cortana and cloud to keep the same thing on another device.

OneDrive Files on-Demand:

Your all files can be a check on OneDrive account without having these files at your windows 10 device.

Features at Creators Update in April 2017:


Microsoft Edge

There are also updates to Microsoft Edge, admitting support of 4K Netflix, eBooks and new tricks of Cortana. It was involved in reducing the clutter and for improving the operation for those people who has to work with lots of tabs open.

3D content

3D content mostly focuses for Microsoft that was missing in the Creators Update. The new version is of Microsoft paint.

Blue light reduction:

All Android devices, iOS phones, and Amazon’s mobiles all have the feature which releases blue light at night, Microsoft also adopted this feature for Windows 10.


Windows 10 offers the feature to sell and read books in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Dynamic Locking

Windows 10 automatically locked if the linked Bluetooth phone is not discovered in the range. Means if you go away from your systems like a laptop, tablet or Bluetooth-equipped computer with paired phone, it will be locked after 30 seconds and screen turns off.


Last features were added to Creators Update was Picture-in-Picture or “Dynamic Locking”.

Pause updates

It has the power to pause updates until not just you’re not working on your laptop or PC, but up to for 35 days, this feature is not for Home version.

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