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Windows 8.1 Customer Support (+1800-861-8436)

windows 8.1

We Pledge For Noteworthy Microsoft Windows 8.1 Customer Support

Windows 8.1 is an upgraded version of window 8 which is released by Microsoft in October 2013, and professionally it was disclosed in June 2013. Windows 8.1 is usable gratis for retail copies of Windows 8 and Windows RT users via the Windows Stock. Microsoft’s support development policy covers Windows 8.1 similar to previous service packs of Windows: It is part of Windows 8’s support lifecycle, and installing Windows 8.1 is required to defend access to support and Windows updates. Windows 8.1 intends to address ailments of Windows 8 users.

Windows 8.1: Some Most Adept New Features

The Start Button Returns: One of the most perplexing alters in Windows 8 was the removal of the Start menu. In fact, the Start button was completely gone, but in Windows 8.1 Start button come back.

“Right Click” Menu: The new Start Button also proffers a “right-click” menu that gives flying access to many of major functions, including System, Device Manager, and the Control Panel. Shutdown and restarting of the system can also be done by this start menu.

Gripped up Metro Control Panel: For touchscreen users, one of the greatest commutes in Windows 8.1 is; a massively gripped up Metro Control Panel. No longer will you have to recur to the Desktop Control Panel to shift a plurality of system settings!

Better Search: Microsoft didn’t admit avowedly global search in Windows 8. In Windows 8.1, exploring the device will pull up apps, SkyDrive files and local, and settings. In windows 8 it only detected apps.

Help Section: Windows 8 carried no built-in help division, forcing PC makers to scramble to figure their own user leads. In Windows 8.1, you get served directly from Microsoft’s mouth.

Windows Customer Support Number (+1800-861-8436)

Common Errors of windows 8.1

  • Windows 8.1 Installation Error 0×80070004
  • Search Option Not Working In Windows 8.1
  • Online activation failed
  • Creating multiple copies of single file
  • Internet Explorer Characteristic Issue In Windows 8.1
  • Store App Not Working In Windows 8.1

Get Help & Customer Service for Windows 8.1 Error with Third Party Support Team

Having any issues while downloading or installing Windows 8.1 version refers you towards Microsoft customer support services center. Because only expert tech geeks can help you in order to resolve all kinds of Microsoft-related issues.

We Provide Support for Window 8.1:

  • How to install and Update Windows 8.1
  • Resolving issues of Internet Explorer Webpage in Windows 8.1
  • Blue Screen Error troubleshooting
  • Solving Bluetooth error in Windows 8.1
  • How to resolve Windows 8.1 Installation Error 0×80070004
  • Help to work with the search option.
  • Solve store app problem in Windows 8.1
  • Help to Configure Secure Boot Correctly in Windows 8.1

We are third party certified technicians who offer great online for Microsoft products. You may ask for all kinds of support and troubleshooting process to resolve all problems. You will get complete support for virus infection, upgrading error and boot problem with windows 8.1. Our technical support provider team will help you via accepting your system on the remote control and fix your all issue.

Windows Customer Support Number (+1800-861-8436)

Get 24/7 unlimited support and help for Windows 8.1 by certified professionals technicians!